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LORI UPDATE April, 2018-So sorry I lost the original domain name.  The Endo Club address used to be but I do not pay for this site anymore.
 But hey I am alive girls and doing great!!! If you want to contact me, please leave your email address in the guestbook. God Bless You!

UPDATE 2014. I was diagnosed w breast cancer!  Please note that us endo girls must do good nutrition & get rid of toxins! Please read updates on the "Shop" page as I am updating that page lately. 

Thank you for visiting! This is a personal site with the story of my experience and also many other women's experiences and ways that we are coping with this disease.  First of all I must tell you that I am so glad you found us. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are millions of us endo sufferers all over the world.  We are all in this battle together  and if somehow I can help you out on this site, it makes me very happy. Unfortunately there is not a cure for Endometriosis as of yet, but if we can pray and support each other, I believe we can make a huge difference in each others lives. Also a lot of women, including myself have had a lot of relief with suppressing this disease with natural treatments.  I suggest you look at the natural and medical treatment pages here so you can have all the facts. Of course whatever route you choose for treatment, you will be supported here.
When you are feeling down & discouraged,  do not give up hope!, keep praying and searching for answers! You can come here to look at some creative ways others are dealing with symptoms, put in a prayer request or just to find some endometriosis information. I have found endometriosis to be such a silent disease, most are not aware of the effects on our entire lives physically, emotionally & spiritually!  I was diagnosed with it after many bouts of pain, then failing to conceive 20 years ago.  Yes, It has been a battle through the years, a roller coaster ride I must say. I do understand that everyone may not agree with everything on this site, but hopefully you can find some things here that are beneficial for yourself.
Most importantly to me, I hope you can come here to calm your anxieties & frustrations, ease your pain & find PEACE FOR YOUR SOUL.
I am so glad you are here, ALL are welcome! So please come in & visit for a while, go to our talk forum for support-no membership is required-and for those interested in prayer-imagine for a moment- us girls joining together praying for each other, TO IMAGINE IS EVERYTHING! So come on in.
Therefore I live for today-
Certain of finding at sunrise
Guidance and Strength for the way.
Power for each moment of weakness,
Hope for each moment of pain,
Comfort for every sorrow,
Joy after Rain.
Come visit us on the forum! 2014 update...I cannot pay for the site anymore, but you can read all the past messages! :)
Do you know for sure that you are going to be with God in Heaven?? 
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